First things first I'm sorry for not posting as much as I should, if there are any readers out there. I will post at least 3 times per week from now on. Well, now to the post. I love writing list post because most of the time they generate a lot of traffic and are used as a resource tool so visitors keep coming back. In the post I will list 32 sites that you can make quick and easy money from. These sites are good for someone whom needs quick cash, not for the person who would like to build passive income. All the sites will either be a GPT(get paid to) or a PTC(paid to click) site. 

CashCrate: This site is the king of all GPT sites in my opinion simply because of it's popularity and good standing. When you sign up you get a 1 dollar sign up bonus. This site allows you to do cash offers, surveys, watch videos, and do trial offers for money. They also have a great referral system. They pay via check until you become a silver member by either getting 50 active referrals or $500 earned. When you become a silver member, you have the option to get paid via paypal. I've been paid 4 times now.

Inbox Dollars: Another great GPT site in good standing, this site has been paying for many years. You earn the same way you would on CashCrate or on any other GPT site for that matter. I've been paid 3 times, they pay via check in the mail.

SendEarnings: This is the exact same site as Inbox Dollars, just has a different name. The design and payment methods are the exact same also.

FusionCashAnother great GPT site that has been around for 8 or 9 years still  in good paying standing. They offer check in the mail and direct deposit.

Clixsense: This is a PTC site and GPT site combined, it has a cool perk that lets you earn money from calling companies. The payout ranges from 1.33 to 5 dollars per call. 

Ebay: It's not an GPT site but almost half of my income online is from Ebay, so you guys should really start selling your junk around the house and make some extra dough.

Infolinks: Minimum cashout is 50 dollars and is in good standing paying it's users.

Points 2 Shop: Earn points to get rewards! They verify your address by you emailing customer support your proof or residence.

Swagbucks: Use virtual money to get rewards such as an Amazon gift card or $20 Paypal. You can also earn from searching on their search engine daily.

Unique Rewards: PTC and GPT site in one. Has been around for 6 years and is still in good standing. They also have an excellent referral program

Quick Rewards: Earn super fast cash the minimum payout is 0.01 cent!

Deal Barbie Pays: Weird name but read the title Barbie pays!

Easy Hits 4 U: A GPT site and traffic exchange. Know mostly for being a traffic exchange.

Earn Easy Cash: The title of the site describes it fully!

Get paid: Another super fast earning site. Minimum cash out is $0.50.

Treasure Trooper: Still paying and fun looking site.

Piggy Bank GPT: Make bank with this site!
PTC Sites
Neobux: The king of all PTC sites. It has been around for 5 years. You can rent referrals to earn money for you, so the income potential is unlimited and it's passive for the most part.

Probux: Neobux sister site. Minimum payout 5 dollars.

Twickerz: Amazing referral clicking average, this site will end up being better than Neobux.

Vilvin: A new PTC site that has a great site design.

BuxP: An elite site that has been around for many years and is still in good standing.

Cash N Hits: Low payout minimum at $0.50

Click Vista: No rented referrals only direct referrals with this program.

Scarlet Clicks: Another elite site that has been paying for many years and still going strong.

Bux Gpx: Never heard of this site but you could try it out.

ClickFair: Extremely new site but have heard it pays from a few sources.

CashClicking: Paying but takes forever to receive payment.

Ref 4 Bux: Rent referrals and click ads to earn money.

Star Clicks: Average PTC site.

North Clicks: Click ads daily to earn.

I just gave you 32 resources to make quick easy money online, now get off your ass and start making some extra dough in your free time!

To your success! If you have any other resources to earn money online,feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below!



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